Saxon Roofing & Repair FAQs

We’d like to share some of the answers to common roofing questions we are asked. If you have a roofing question not listed below, please call Steve Saxon at 936-718-ROOF or toll-free at 1-800-747-ROOF for an answer.

In the past, the organic black “felt paper” was used and recommended. However, the roofing industry has evolved, and no longer is felt paper the best. The reasons we do not recommend this are:

  •  It tears.
  •  It deteriorates over time.
  •  When it gets wet it buckles up and then shingles won’t lay down flat when installed.

This is why we have chosen to use the quality synthetic underlayment product called RoofRunner. This is manufactured and distributed by our favorite name brand shingle manufacturer CertainTeed. The reasons we recommend this are:

  •  It won’t tear.
  •  100% water-resistant.
  •  Will by far outlast any organic felt paper.

Very important! Just to name a few reasons:

  •  Causes Roof Issues – The heat from inside breaks down the overall integrity of the shingle.
  •  Rise in Electrical Bills

Making sure there are adequate amounts of air vents place in the soffit area of the house. This will then allow the cooler air to come in from below then in return push the hotter air out the ridge vents installed at the roof peak.

Many builders cut corners and only use the 9″ ridge vents. Whereas we at Saxon Roofing use the 12″ CertainTeed ridge vents.

1 out of 4 roofs we find lacking in the amount of ridge vents it has. This decreases the lineal footage amount of ridge vents we can install. Therefore we must supplement the lack of ridge vents by installing airhawks in the appropriate and most effective places on the roof.

Yes, these self-powered vents are much better than the conventional electric air vents. We install these at cost for our customers.

There are 4 main areas:

  •  In the valleys
  •  Around the chimney
  •  Around the plumbing jacks
  •  Around the outer edge and perimeter

When we install a roof, we install it only one way, with a premium 3-Star Integrity Roof System. Included in this process we address each of these potential leak areas with great effectiveness.

When the job is completed, each of these areas will be warrantied against leakage for a full 20 years, then prorated to the 40-year mark at 20% coverage for life. This warranty is backed by the manufacturer CertainTeed owned by a much larger entity named Saint-Gobain which was established in 1665. This assures our customers peace of mind and the knowledge that they are in good hands.