Roofers In Montgomery County

Saxon roofing does roofing differently than the rest. We are the best roofers in Montgomery County, TX. We boast the best roofing crew in the area and have years of experience. We are able to complete your residential and commercial roofing projects, so whether you have new construction or a roof that needs repair, we are the team to call.

Whatever your roofing project requires, we can make sure the requirements are met. We go above and beyond to make sure that each project is completed well and on time. We can complete many types of roofing projects, including TPO walkways, standing seam, roof replacements, roof tear-offs, roof repairs, and we can incorporate very high-quality materials such as resawn shakes. These are some of our most common projects, but we can complete a variety of other roofing project types.

A big 125 square job we just finished in Magnolia with upgraded Certainteed Belmont IR.

TPO Walkways and Commercial Roofing in Montgomery County

Montgomery County is home to many businesses, and all these businesses have a roof over them. At one point or another, your commercial roof that keeps your business safe and dry will probably need maintenance and other fixes. TPO walkways on a commercial roof are a very important component, as it allows maintenance workers and roofers to walk safely on a commercial roof. It also helps prevent their footsteps from damaging the commercial roof.

If your commercial roof in Montgomery County needs some general attention or a leak fixed, Saxon Roofing & Repair is here to make sure the problem is repaired. We will double-check your TPO walkways to make sure it is still protecting the roof as they should. 

When it comes to commercial roofing, you want to find the best option for your business. Your business likely supports your family, and you want to make sure that every penny spent on your business is worth it. If you need maintenance on your TPO walkways in Montgomery County, then Saxon Roofing & Repair is here to help.

Resawn Shake Installation

Saxon Roofing & Repair also has years of experience installing high-end roofing materials. In 2015 we completed a CertainTeed Landmark Max Def Resawn Shake installation. This roofing material is a very high-quality and highly rated roofing material. The true beauty of this product is in its appearance and durability. 

CertainTeed Landmark Max Def Resawn Shake roofing shingles are asphalt made to look like traditional cedar shake roofing shingles. They have a lifetime warranty and a 15-year algae resistance warranty with StreakFighter. This is a class A fire-rating roofing material and it is wind resistant to winds up to 110 miles per hour. Class A fire rating is the highest rating of roofing materials that one can get, making it an excellent choice when it comes to re-roofing your home. Get the best of both worlds with this style, it is durable and safe, plus a beautiful choice for a new roof.

If you live in Montgomery County, you know you need something on your roof that will stand the test of time and severe weather. This is the perfect option since the wind resistance is up to 11 miles per hour. No matter how strong the winds may get when storms blow through Montgomery County, your Resawn Shake roofing will stand the test and keep your family safe and dry in your home. 

Call Saxon Roofing & Repair

The Saxon Roofing & Repair team serves all of Montgomery County and more in Texas. Texas roofs endure extremely hot sun and heavy rains, make sure your roof is in good shape to withstand these challenges. If you have a leak or notice that your roof isn’t up to your standards, we can repair it or re-roof it. Call us at (936) 718-7663 or contact us anytime.